Reckleford school builds learning confidence and enquiring minds.

ARTICLE 28 ‘Every child has the right to an Education’ UN CONVENTION RIGHTS OF A CHILD.

Aims of our curriculum. ARTICLE 3 ‘Providing the best for every child’ UN CONVENTION RIGHTS OF A CHILD.

At Reckleford Infant School and Nursery we promote a caring, happy and safe community for children, staff and parents, and deliver an inspiring and challenging curriculum.

We are a UNICEF ‘Rights and Respecting School’, embedding the rights and responsibilities all children have to be safe, cared for and valued (UN Convention). We provide quality education for EVERY CHILD.

  • We know and value our differences.
  • We respect each other and ourselves.
  • We treat each other with dignity.
  • We understand that we are all important.
  • We know our voices will be heard.
  • We achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • We make the best start for the future.
  • We endeavour to inspire a lifelong love of learning.

The basis for all our topics is to build aspiration for the future of all our children.

Learning to read is a primary goal at our school.

Everything else depends on it, so we place huge importance on making sure that every single child learns to read as quickly as possible. Reading is at the heart of our curriculum. We want your child to love reading – and to want to read for themselves.

We follow the ‘Read, Write Inc.’ scheme for Nursery and through the School. This is a literacy programme teaching letter sounds, reading and writing. All our staff are trained to deliver the programme and we will help parents to support their children’s progress by introducing them to the programme and basing homework tasks around it.

These values are at the core of our curriculum and integral to all experiences offered to our learners:

Creativity Equality​ ​Tolerance Democracy​
Aspiration Respect Progress Tradition​

Please see below and the curriculum subject tab for further information regarding our curriculum.  If you require any more details please contact the school.

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